Sewing Machines

Sewing Machine Kit Contents

There are three sewing machine kits. Libraries may borrow 1, 2 or all three kits. Maximum loan period is 7 days.

Each kit contains:

  • 2 Brother XL2600I Sewing Machines
    • User Manual (2)
    • Laminated Quick Start Guide (2)
    • Foot pedal and power cord (2)
    • Accessory pack: Zipper foot; 3 Bobbins; Needle pack; Twin needle; Buttonhole foot; Button sewing foot; Extra spool pin; Screwdriver; Darning plate; 1/4 ' seam quilting foot
  • Sewing Kit
    • Selection of bobbins
    • Buttons, snaps, hooks & eyes
    • Selection of thread
    • Safety pins
    • Marking pencil, brush
    • Tape measure
    • Scissors, seam ripper, snip cutter
    • Pin cushion, needles, and thimble
  • Power strip


How can I find out what libraries are using these for? I've sewn for so many years that I can't seem to think of projects a non-sewer could complete in 2 or less hours. Projects that wouldn't be junior high-ish, or dorky. I know I can go to my local library.... but I'd like to know what others are doing. Is that a reasonable request???

Hi Mary - Thanks for your question! Examples of ways that public libraries have used sewing machines include: - teaching the very basics - how to wind a bobbin, how to thread the needle, how to sew a seam, what the zig zag stitch looks like, tension, etc. - fast projects, such as sewing a very specific project, for example, a pin cushion or oven pad. - specific skills, such as how to hem a garment - upcycling clothing projects - demonstrations of quilting techniques How about others? How have you been using the sewing machines in your libraries? -Shawn Brommer, SCLS

At McMillan Library, we had a 2.5 hour workshop where we showed teens how to use a sewing machine and sew a straight stitch. We learned how to iron out the fabric and sew it to make pillowcases. The class was limited to 10 teens, which was a perfect number and they shared the sewing machines.

So far we have made headbands, towel hangers, and bookmarks. One girl made a pillow. This summer we will be doing quilt blocks in a group project. I could send some pictures in email if anyone is interested.