Scanning Kit

Scanning Kit Contents


We received the scanning kit this morning and I just finished setting it up and testing it out on some old library photos. It took about an hour to set up and test things out. I think the kit is very easy to use, especially the ScanSnap for scanning photos, which can handle photos up to 8x10. You can scan 25 4x6 photos in about 30 seconds! Check out the video on the Brodhead Memorial Public Library Facebook page. I like that the scanner captures information written on the backs of photos if it detects something, which will be very helpful for patrons who might be scanning old family photos, or even double-sided letters or postcards. Much more efficient than previous scanners I have used. Patrons who are comfortable with technology will easily be able to use this equipment. Those who aren't as tech savvy might need a little help to get started and also a little help when they complete scanning to transfer images onto a USB drive or CD, but the actual scanning process is a piece of cake! One thing I didn't realize is that the scanning wand and negatives/slide scanner do not need to be connected to the laptop in order to use them. This means you could potentially have three people using the equipment at once, depending on what people might want to scan. We are definitely planning to bring this kit back to our library in the fall.