Mobile Printing Press


Contents of Kit

Box 1: Press

Important: The press is extremely heavy and will require two people to lift and move. Please use caution when lifting and moving it.

  • Jack Richeson & Co. Baby Press, Model 695102

  • Gray felt pusher pad (1)

  • Ivory felt pusher pads (2)

  • Foam packing material

  • Plexiglass pieces (coming soon)


Box 2: Supplies

  • Tubes of Ink

    • Black (2)

    • Blue (1)

    • Brown (1)

    • Green (1)

    • Red (1)

    • White (1)

    • Yellow (1)

  • Brayers (2) - hand roller

  • Putty Knives (2)



We have prepared a series of short instructional videos that will help you make the the best use of the SCLS printing press. These videoa are available on the SCLS YouTube Channel, and also below.



Setup & Pressure

Introduction to Plates & More About Pressure

Create Plates from a Variety of Materials

Printing Supplies & Etching the Plate

Inking the Plate & Making a Print

Advanced Linoleum Block Printing, Hydrating the Plate & Library Program Tips

Creating a Collage & Chine Colle from a Print

Creating a Plate with Recycled Plastic, Using Akua Ink & Soaking Paper in Water Bath

Watercoloring the Print

Using Recycled & Alternative Materials to Create Plates

Finishing the Print

Packing Up

Re-Hydrating the Ink


Program Ideas




We had our first printmaking night using the Baby Press. We have several observations to report. 1.) we forgot to have someone available to help move the press and are guilty of causing the delivery driver to move it by herself. Don't let this happen because it is not nice and it will make you feel horrible. 2.) Not a lot of ink is required to cover the foam plates that we ordered through Amazon/Inovart. People are super creative and the quality of the images are really wonderful! I want to post some pictures here, but I don't see a place to do that. Note to SCLS, please keep track of how much ink is being used with each program, as there was plenty for us, but perhaps in the next two or three events, new ink will need to be added. 3.) Our program was for adults. 4.) Our first few tries at etching into the foam was using a pencil. Don't do this because the lead does transfer onto the paper along with the ink. We ended up using paper clips, screwdrivers, pen caps, etc. The screwdrivers made some really amazing designs. If we were able to do it over again (which we might), we would hopefully have some styluses or something like a pencil, with a blunt end, like a filed-down skewer. 5.) we would like to try linoleum, but only if the tools can be supplied by SCLS. 6.) I was originally concerned that the small number of brayers in the SCLS kit would be insufficient, but they were just fine. People seemed to space out their different tasks. When one person was drawing, another would be inking, while another was printing. We never had a line, though we had a small group of five.