Ideas and handouts for teens

Teen Book Discussion Groups


Title Choices

How do you determine what books to feature for your discussions?  If possible, ask teens that come to your library for titles they would like to discuss or genres they particularly enjoy.  Try searching the Novelist database for ideas.  Assure there are enough copies of your chosen title in LINKCat for all participants plus extras for teens who might want to read the book but can't make it to the discussion.


Discussion Questions

Multnomah County Library Talk It Up! Discussion Questions

Book Browse Teen Reading Guides Reading Guides


Discussion Extras

Snacks - Be sure to have snacks available for your discussion.  If possible, have a snack that in some way relates to the book you are discussing.

Additional titles  - bring along books by the same author or similar titles that teens can check out when your discussion is finished.

Movie tie-ins - consider choosing titles that have been made into movies.  Watch the movie and then compare and contrast the book and movie versions of the story.


Print Resources

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