Adult Programming Resources



The SCLS Professional Collection has a number of books on programming - check LINKcat for titles.

  • Cultural Programming for Libraries: Linking Libraries, Communities & Culture by Deborah A. Robertson, 2005
  • Intergenerational Programming: a How-to-do-it Manual for Librarians by Rhea Joyce Rubin, 1993
  • 5-Star Programming and Services for your 55+ Library Customers by Barbara T. Mates, 2003
  • The Author Event Primer: How to Plan, Execute and Enjoy Author Events by Chapple Langemack. 2007


  • The Care and Feeding of Guest Presenters by Kathleen Kelly MacMillan. Public Libraries, Sep/Oct 2006, p.45-47


  • Read your paper for interesting programs being offered other places, information about local authors and artists, garden club tours, etc.
  • Check with your Friends group - chances are they know someone who would be a great speaker or presenter
  • Check with any publishing houses in the area and see if any of their authors are available as speakers